They propose to ban the offer of products with programmed obsolescence in agricultural machinery and equipment


Mexico.- The PRI deputy, Yerico Abramo Masso, promotes an initiative that adds an article 18 Ter to the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in order to prohibit the offer of products or services with programmed obsolescence in agricultural machinery and equipment.

The proposal, sent to the Economy, Commerce and Competitiveness commissions for an opinion and to the Rural Development and Conservation, Agriculture and Food Self-sufficiency Commission for opinion, seeks to protect agricultural producers from these practices carried out by large machinery and equipment companies and guarantee them the right to repair their machinery.

In the argumentation of this proposal, it refers that according to the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco), Planned Obsolescence is defined as the intentional action that manufacturers take so that the products stop serving in a certain time.

“It is normal for products to wear out and gradually end their useful life, but in this case it is a planned failure,” he adds.

Given this, it underlines the importance of avoiding the use of this machinery in the agricultural industry, since it represents a limitation for rural producers to achieve higher levels of profitability and competitiveness by preventing them from repairing it in their own workshops.

Considers that agricultural producers should have the right to repair their agricultural machinery; however, some companies prohibit it and also protect themselves from possible lawsuits for “loss of crops, profits or use of the equipment”.

It highlights that our country declared the food and agricultural sector as part of the essential activities and it has been one of the pillars that has contributed to registering better indicators in our economy, in the context of the pandemic, but also of social stability in the Mexican countryside. .

However, he points out that he faces various problems with suppliers of agricultural machinery, so essential for production.

The use of high-tech machinery and equipment in the Mexican countryside is one of the factors that contributes to raising the levels of production and productivity in the various crops; hence the importance of the initiative, he points out.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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