They give the starting signal for the White Holy Week 2022 operation in Tlalpan

The mayor of Tlalpan Alfa González Magallanes, in coordination with the Inspector General Diploma of the General Staff, Alejandro Vallejo Reyes, Commander of the 22nd Battalion of the National Guard and the General Director of Legal Affairs and Government of the Tlalpan mayor Alfredo Reyes García, gave the starting flag of the Operation “White Holy Week 2022”.

They agreed to point out that the operation is intended to reduce road mortality statistics and safeguard the lives of the population that during these vacation days seek to travel to different parts of the Republic by road in the company of their families.

In Plaza de Cobro No. 1 Tlalpan, of Caminos y Puentes Federales, Mayor Alfa González affirmed that this booth is one of the most important exits but also entrances to Mexico City and “we hope that the families that leave Mexico City, arrive safely at your destination.

He recommended “not to drive tired, not to drive while intoxicated, if you already feel tired, it is better to pull over for a while, rest, take over, do not abuse your body, do not drive at excessive speed, respect the signs and follow the instructions of the personnel that It’s on the roads.”

In his opportunity, the Coordinator of Security Sections for Communications in Mexico City of the National Guard, Gustavo Hernández Montes, 2nd. Sub-inspector, pointed out “that in our country 44 people die every day due to lack of road safety and it has fallen on the youngest population.”

For this reason, he said, “the General Directorate of Road Safety and Installations has designed its own operations according to the characteristics of its respective jurisdiction in order to reduce road mortality statistics.”

However, he specified this task “cannot be carried out alone but must be accompanied by institutions that have historically allocated their financial, material and human resources in favor of serving the population, which is why the White Holy Week Operation was born, which has as its purpose add the capacities of the institutions present here to seek to integrate daily work into actions that guarantee the safety of the population that in this holiday season seek to move to different places in the Republic in the company of their families”.

“At the end of this period -he added- we will be able to realize that teamwork between the different institutions is the best course of action that can be taken in favor of society”.

Likewise, the Directorate of Civil Protection of the Tlalpan mayor’s office recommends, before hitting the road: “review the condition of the vehicle, respect the signs, respect the speed limits, avoid driving while tired, do not drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages.”

It should be noted that with the slogan that “the main task of the state is to protect people’s lives” elements of the National Guard, Secretariat of Citizen Security, Auxiliary Police, Mexican Red Cross, Federal Roads and Bridges participate in this road operation. Capufe), Green Angels, Firefighters of Mexico City and Civil Protection of Tlalpan.

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