They call Vanessa Claudio 'Lyn May' for looking unrecognizable after returning to TV Azteca

After trying his luck on another continent, The famous host, Vanessa Claudio, made the decision to return to the house where she was born, and with a renewed image and a much fresher and more youthful attitude, the Puerto Rican returned to TV Azteca through the front door after being absent for a while. in order to better prepare.

The Venga la Alegría morning show welcomed vanessa claudio, who took advantage of her presence to announce that she will be the new host of Al Extremo; program that was headed by Carmen Muñoz, who is now working for Televisa.

In an interview with Anette Cuburu and Sergio SepĂșlveda, Vanessa Claudio was enthusiastic about her return to television and expressed: "I feel very grateful and nervous about this challenge, but very happy and eager to be able to be with Mexican families again."

Vanessa Claudio is a model and presenter of Puerto Rican origin, who achieved fame in Mexico as a host in "Venga la AlegrĂ­a", "ExatlĂłn" and "Este es mi style". This last fashion contest program gave her the opportunity to be the star host in an Azteca broadcast. After a couple of seasons, the show went off the air and Vanessa Claudio looked for job opportunities abroad.

Dressed in a tight black dress, and with impeccable makeup, Vanessa Claudio was happy for her return to the Ajusco television station as the owner of Al Extremo. However, users of social networks commented that in the photos her face looked a little deformed and she even looks "very cheeky".

“How her beautiful face is deformed, she is looking like Lyn May”, “Vane!!! Your face, what happened to it? Always so pretty... Please don't fall into excesses. You don't need them”, “Everything has already been botoxed”, were some comments made by fans on the social networks of "Venga la Alegría" and the "Al Xtremo" program.

Vanessa has not confirmed if any aesthetic adjustment was made to her face, although her physical change is notorious. Her fans came to her defense arguing that she looks very pretty and also took the opportunity to wish all the success in the world to one of Azteca's favorite drivers.

In addition to these changes, the presenter's fans were also surprised by Claudio's arrival at the "Al Xtremo" show, and not at his old program "Venga la AlegrĂ­a", where he built his career, and catapulted it to the United States. Unidos, where he was part of the scandalous show of shows, "Suelta la Sopa" by Telemundo.

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