They are going to review the norms on sexual assaults in the US


The US government on Thursday proposed a sweeping overhaul of school campus sexual assault rules to expand protections for LGBTQ students, bolster victims’ rights and expand the responsibilities of universities in addressing inappropriate sexual behaviors.

The proposal, announced on the 50th anniversary of the passage in the United States of a law on gender equality, known as Title IX, aims to replace a set of controversial rules issued during the administration of President Donald Trump by the then Secretary of Education Betsy Of you.

The current Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, said that Title IX has been “instrumental” in the fight against sexual assault and violence in education.

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this landmark law, our proposed changes will allow us to continue that progress and ensure that all of our nation’s students, no matter where they live, who they are or who they love, can learn, grow and thrive in school.” he declared.

The proposal is almost certain to be challenged by conservatives and is expected to lead to new legal battles over the rights of transgender students in schools, especially in sports. It will now enter a public comment period before the government can finalize any changes, meaning the policy is likely to take effect next year, based on the closest forecast.

The step meets a demand from victims’ rights advocates, who wanted President Joe Biden to publish new rules no later than the anniversary of Title IX, which bans discrimination in schools and colleges based on gender. Advocates say the DeVos rules went too far in protecting students accused of sexual misconduct, at the expense of victims.

Many of the proposed changes would mark a return to President Barack Obama-era rules that were superseded by DeVos policies.

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