There are already arrested for falling giant screen in concert of ‘Mirror’

Four months after the tragic incident that occurred during a concert by the Hong Kong pop boy band Mirror, the police of the Asian country deployed an operation to arrest almost half a dozen people related to the event.

In accordance with VarietyFriday morning – Thursday afternoon in Mexico – the Hong Kong police made a series of arrests in relation to the serious injuries caused by the fall of the screen.

Police arrested five suspects: four men and one woman. All are presumed to be related to Engineering Impact or your subcontractor Hip Hing Loong Stage Engineering.

Variety quoted Hong Kong media, which reported that the defendants were arrested on fraud charges or, in his case, for causing an object to fall from above.

According to research, it was first reported that the screen had a weight of 520 poundswhen it really should have been 220 kilograms, so the detainees could face legal proceedings for their possible commission of fraud, which would keep them behind bars for about 14 years.

The tragedy occurred on July 28, 2022 at the Hong Kong Coliseum in front of 20 thousand attendees. The fall of the screen was documented on video that went viral on social networks.

In the unfortunate event, the dancers Mo Li Kai-yin and Chang Tsz were injured and taken to the hospital; the second was discharged the next day, while the first is still hospitalized given the seriousness of his injuries, and possibly permanent.

(With information from Variety)