The US warns of a “swift and severe” response to any Russian incursion into Ukraine

Antony Blinken says that the US will respond to a Russian invasion of Ukraine.


The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken threatened this Sunday with a “swift and severe” response if “a single additional Russian force” enters Ukrainian territory aggressively., after the confusion generated this week by the words of the president, Joe Biden.

“If a single additional Russian force enters Ukraine aggressively, there will be a swift, severe and united response from the United States and Europe,” the head of US diplomacy said in an interview with CNN.

Blinken’s words come after Thursday the own Biden had to clarify that any type of Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory will be considered “an invasion”, after the confusion that had previously been generated by insinuating that Washington would qualify the consequences in the face of a smaller-scale occupation.

The confusion occurred during a press conference on the occasion of his first anniversary at the White House, in which Biden hinted that the West’s response may not be so harsh if Moscow opts for some measure that does not involve a large-scale invasion. .

The White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, was already forced at first to clarify in a statement that “if any Russian military force crosses the border with Ukraine”, Washington will consider it “a new invasion” and will impose “swift and severe” retaliation in coordination with its European allies.

Despite the rectification, the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelensky, responded to Biden on Thursday that “there are no minor incursions.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied that it has planned an invasion, but the significant presence of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, with some 100,000 troops, and the new military maneuvers announced by Moscow for the coming weeks have increased the nervousness of the United States. and NATO.

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