The US “applauds” the extension of Guaidó’s mandate


The US government on Tuesday expressed support for the decision to prolong for 12 months the presidency in charge of Juan Guaidó and the “constitutional continuity” of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

“We applaud the agreement reached to extend the authority of the National Assembly elected in 2013 and of interim President Guaidó as president,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a telephone press conference.

Price added in turn that the US continues to recognize “the authority of the National Assembly as the last democratic institution” that remains in Venezuela.

In a statement released later, the State Department spokesman asked Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to resume negotiations with the opposition in Mexico. -suspended in October- “For the good of the Venezuelan people.”

Price added that Washington supports the efforts of the Unitary Platform, the group of opposition members sent to lead the talks.

On Monday, the Venezuelan National Assembly elected six years ago extended its “constitutional continuity” for 12 months and extended the presidency in charge of Guaidó for the same term, although with greater controls over his functions as provisional head of state.

The deputies approved the creation of a commission that will exercise controls over the decisions made by Guaidó and has the power to authorize appointments or removals of the president in charge in ad-hoc administrative boards of public institutes, autonomous, state foundations, associations or civil societies and state companies.

Guaidó, president of the Legislative Assembly, swore himself in as president in charge of Venezuela in January 2019, arguing that Nicolás Maduro was usurping the position.

The opposition leader is recognized by a handful of countries, including the US, as interim president.

* With the collaboration of Gustavo Ocando from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

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