The UN urges to respect and guarantee the protest in Ecuador | News


The United Nations Organization (UN) urged the Ecuadorian authorities on Wednesday to respect the legitimate right to protest and grant guarantees for that citizen exercise.


The leader of the Conaie in Ecuador is released

He also called on indigenous organizations and social sectors to exercise their right to protest peacefully, to avoid repression by state security forces.

Through a statement, the multilateral organization advocated for peace, lower tensions and seek ways of dialogue between the Ecuadorian Government and the mobilized sectors.

“In this sense, it urges unrestricted respect for the constitutional and legal guarantees for the exercise of social protest, and for the rules of due process applicable to all persons detained in the framework of the demonstrations, in accordance with international human rights standards. humans,” the statement said.

The day of mobilizations on Wednesday began with more than 80 roads and highways in Ecuador closed and with popular concentrations in at least three cities in the South American country.

During the third day of protests, representatives of heavy transport joined the mobilizations called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) and which have the support of peasant groups, workers, and high school and university students, among other sectors. .

The main demands of the organizers of the mobilizations to the Government of Guillermo Lasso include the freezing of fuel prices, economic relief for more than four million families, fair prices for farm products, an end to job insecurity, respect for to collective rights and effective programs against growing national insecurity.

These issues are part of the 10-point agenda presented by Conaie in dialogues with the government at the June, October and November 2021 meetings and are still pending a response from the executive.

Conaie maintains that it will continue to resist, since the people are tired of waiting for attention from the authorities, who, for their part, only insist on being willing to dialogue.

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