The type of Pisces you are, based on your date of birth

Having the same zodiac sign does not mean having identical personality characteristics, in this sense, Pisces born in February are different from those born in March. Although they share similar traits, the way they express and receive information is not the same.

Astrologically, there are many factors that prevent two people from being identical in character, despite belonging to the same sign. And it is that the solar sign, the one that we consult regularly in the horoscope, is only a part of the natal chart.

The natal chart is like a photograph of the sky at the time of our birth, so each of us has a solar, lunar, rising sign, of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, that make up our personality.

Beyond the complexity of the birth chart, there is another astrological factor that prevents two people who share the same sign from being of similar identity: the decans of the zodiac.

Each zodiac sign is made up of three decans, which are identified with the energy of different planets. and are divided into grades. A sign extends in the zodiac through 30 degrees, which means that the first 10 degrees make up the first decan, the second 10 the second decan and the third 10 the third decan.

Namely, people from February 19 to March 20, although they are Pisces, belong to different decansaccording to their date of birth, which in turn makes them different because those born in February are governed solely by Neptune, while those born in March have the Moon and Pluto as co-ruling planets, as explained by Bustle.

February Pisces Characteristics

February Pisces, being ruled solely by Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies, possess the pure characteristics of this zodiac sign, indicating that they are empathic, sensitive and spiritual.

In addition, they are extremely creative people because they channel their feelings through the arts, have a more vivid imagination, and can easily express their emotions. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see February Pisces as artists, actors, and musicians.

However, they have more trouble defining their boundaries so they tend to go with the flow.

March Pisces Characteristics

All Pisces are sensitive (a natural characteristic of water signs), but those born in March are even more so. This is because they are more vulnerable to the feelings of others, so they must be careful not to get involved with negative people or toxic environments.

Being ruled by Pluto, they have a more shadowy and secretive energy, so they are more protective of their privacy. However, since they are more dreamy and ambitious, they tend to be more competitive and are not afraid to go after what they want.

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