The PRI like the marbles, near the hole

Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party founded in 1929 at the initiative of Plutarco Elías Calles from Sonora, celebrated its 93rd anniversary yesterday, it was an anniversary that went unnoticed. The PRI, like the marbles, is getting closer to the hole.

Who pays attention to “Alito”, a militant told me a few days ago, one of the few still active in the PRI and he himself replied: Nobody. The party sails aimlessly and the current leadership only seeks to take advantage of the prerogatives provided by the State by mandate of Law.

The PRI of the 21st century is the same as that of the 20th, with the same practices, the same gangsters who take over the national leadership and distribute the few positions to which they now have access to their friends and family, as is the case of Carolina Villano, current secretary general of the CEN and wife of the coordinator of the parliamentary faction in the Chamber of Deputies, Rubén Moreira.

This year there will be elections in 6 states of the country, of which the PRI is the government, in two it is the government: Oaxaca and Hidalgo, in the first it is lost and in the second, there are negotiations that could lead to the delivery of Morena’s candidate in the state of the huasteca in exchange for the vote for the electrical reform.

In the case of Hidalgo, a negotiation sounds logical, since the candidate is the wife of the PRI coordinator in San Lázaro, who has control of the votes that the Morena caucus and its allies need to carry out the reform that so much Andrés Manuel López Obrador is interested.

A governorship that would be for the group that controls the party, could lead to the end of the party that governed Mexico for more than 70 years and that is now nothing more than an entelechy at the service of a mafia that distributes the positions as it pleases.

The PRI has no remedy. The party that between the 1940s and 1960s was considered the party of the Institutionalized Revolution, which became an invincible electoral machine, not without resorting to electoral fraud on many occasions, is now a caricature of what was once described as by Vargas Llosa as the perfect dictatorship.


Juan Carlos Muñiz is the seventh journalist to fall so far this year. Yesterday afternoon, Friday, the murder perpetrated in the municipality of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, a state where violence is an everyday thing, was revealed. Juan Carlos was a reporter for a red note portal in the aforementioned municipality of Zacatecas and, as happens in many cases in the province, he carried out activities as a taxi driver to complete family expenses. He rest in Peace. And again only regrets… Today in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, the National Meeting of Journalists will be held, in the face of the wave of violence suffered by our union, for which it is imperative that it make the necessary reforms to guarantee the free exercise of journalism. #Don’tKillTheTruth. Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza and the Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas, as well as distinguished colleagues from local, national and international newspapers and with the representation of the organization Article 19 participate.

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