The Peruvian president is summoned to a session of the Council of State | News

The president of the Judiciary of Peru, Elvia Barrios, invited on Saturday the president Pedro Castillo and the head of Congress, José Williams, to a session of the Council of State to promote dialogue between the two powers and put an end to the political crisis that is going through the country.


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According to the message from Elvia Barrios, she convened a session of the Council of State for Sunday, to which she requested the presence of Pedro Castillo and the president of Congress.

Barrios pointed out that during the meeting he will try to adopt actions that guarantee the governability of the South American country, based on inter-institutional dialogue and respect for the Constitution.

The president of the Judiciary added that the session will also include representatives of the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Ombudsman’s Office and the National Board of Justice.

After learning of the invitation to the session of the Council of State, the Public Ministry announced that the nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, will not participate in the meeting.

“Given the call for a session of the Council of State, the Public Ministry informs that the National Prosecutor will not participate in this meeting, as she is in charge of investigations against the President of the Republic,” the institution announced.

Tensions between Congress and the country’s government have increased in recent days, when the former president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, presented a motion of confidence to the Legislature that it rejected, which has led to a new cabinet.

From the Government they have denounced that right-wing sectors in Parliament have allied themselves with the Prosecutor’s Office and the media to promote the removal of President Castillo.