The ‘no to war’ sneaks into the news of one of the main Russian television networks


A journalist from Channel 1 of Russian television broke into the live broadcast of the nightly news today Vremya shouting proclamations and brandishing a sign against the war in Ukraine, after which she was arrested.

no war. End the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here they are lying to you. Russians against war (Russians against the war)”, read the banner that the journalist wielded, according to the agency Sputnik.

Simultaneously, the journalist shouted “stop the war” and “no war” several times in the middle of the broadcast.

The channel, one of the main Russian state television channels, confirmed the incident and opened an investigation into what it called an “accident with an intruder.”

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According to the head of the human rights protection group Pavel Chikov, the journalist, Marina Ovsianikova, was detained by the police, notes Sputnik.

A video circulated on social networks of the journalist calling Russia’s current war operations against Ukraine “aggression” and blaming President Vladimir Putin directly.

After saying that he was “very embarrassed” to work for the Channel 1 because he told lies, he accused television of “zombifying the Russian people”, and called for them to take to the streets.

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