The mother of the girl in Pennsylvania who died recording a TikTok sues the application


The girl’s mother blames the application for her daughter’s death.

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Nylah Anderson of Philadelphia passed away after trying to record a challenge video for the TikTok app and they found her passed out inside her mother’s closet on December 7, 2021. Now the lady is suing the social network of Chinese origin for the death of her little girl.

The report of the complaint obtained by Daily Mail, writes that the under 10-year-old saw in the “For you” section of the social network, the challenge “blackout challenge” which consisted of entering a dark place to suffocate, pass out and then regain consciousness, all while recording the video.

Nylah Anderson tried to do the challenge and went into her mother’s closet to put on around the neck the strap of a bag and hang himself, Unfortunately, the girl completely lost consciousness and stopped breathing until her family found her hanging.

The girl was transferred to a hospital where she remained in intensive care for a few days. and was pronounced dead on December 12. The authorities revealed that the minor’s cell phone was active when they found her in the closet and her death had been recorded.

After a few months of grieving, the little girl’s mother filed a lawsuit against TikTok because they are to blame for her daughter’s deathsince that challenge video was thrown at her.

Tawainna, Nylah’s mother, gave a press conference as she left the City Prosecutor’s Office to explain the reasons for her lawsuit against one of the most popular social networks in the world.

“I can’t stop replaying this day in my head. The unbreakable bond of our family is now broken and emptysaid the lady.

The victim’s mother stated in the lawsuit that: “Nylah endured hellish suffering as she struggled and struggled to breathe and suffocated. slowly until almost dead.

The lawsuit specifies the poor design of TikTok and of promote dangerous challenges for children. Although the application specifies in its regulations that adolescents over 13 years of age are authorized to download the social network.

TikTok sent out a statement saying that the haunting challenge was not a trend and possibly the girl found out from other people. They added that they would remove any related content. Information published by the same newspaper.

“I accepted that my daughter’s voice is gone forever, so I’m going to speak for her, and the message today is, something has to change. Something has to stop because I wouldn’t want any other parent to go through what I’m going through. since December 7”, said Tawainna in the conference he offered with his lawyers.

On several occasions the police in different cities have asked parents who are aware of what their children see on the Internet and above all that the little ones should not have social networks because they can find evil people who can do them a lot of harm.

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