The mayor of New York declares a state of emergency due to the massive flow of immigrants

“We need help and we need it now,” New York Mayor Erica Adams said this Friday in the face of the crisis caused by the massive arrival of immigrants, some 17,000, that states like Texas or Arizona are sending, chartering buses without stopping since the past. april. At least nine other vehicles arrived this past Thursday.

Adams made this alarm call in a speech at City Hall in lower Manhattan, in which he declared a state of emergency in view of the problems the city is facing to contain this flow of undocumented people, the vast majority of whom come from Latin American countries, and in a very high percentage of Venezuela.

The New York mayor tries to get the federal administration to listen to requests for help once and for all

In reality, what the New York mayor is pursuing is that once and for all the federal administration listens to the cries for help that are being made from the Big Apple, so far unsuccessful.

The mayor assured that the metropolis is prepared to spend 1,000 million dollars in his response, but he reinforced his call to Washington, to the government of his friend Joe Biden -Adams said in the campaign that he was the Biden of New York- to collaborate with the payment of housing and services in the face of this avalanche of immigrants that has put the city’s shelter system for the homeless in trouble, at a time when the number was already record high.

More than 17,000 immigrants have moved from Texas to New York, forcing authorities to declare a state of emergency

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His emergency call comes at a more than critical moment for Adams, the second African-American mayor in New York history, elected by Democrats but more praised by Republicans. His staff trembles.

He is in the spotlight because, in addition to exploring the idea of ​​chartering cruise ships to welcome newcomers, he came up with a cheaper idea of ​​setting up a tent camp. Amid the contempt shown by immigrant aid organizations for resorting to a third world idea, the facility was started in Orchard Beach, in the Bronx, with a provision for 1,000 people.

The situation comes at a more than critical moment for Adams, the second African-American mayor in the history of New York

There were those who warned that this was a territory that was subject to flooding. Ignore case. The rains last weekend confirmed this circumstance. Although it was not one of those brutal storms that often hit, the camp was completely submerged, to the blush of the mayor.

So Adams opened his eyes. He decided to cut the assembly to 500 seats and ordered that it be done on Randall Island. His idea got another bad reception. That place in Queens is very poorly communicated, which is still an inconvenience for immigrants who don’t know everything about the city. For now, its inauguration is awaited, while critics of this idea claim that a dozen hotels that have closed as a result of the pandemic crisis be used.


Arrival of a bus with migrants in New York

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The city has established 42 emergency shelters and accommodated 5,000 children in public schools, the mayor noted. But in his speech he insisted that the city urgently needs more help to provide services to immigrants that “Trumpist” state governments use as currency to campaign for elections next November.

The emergency declaration will allow city officials to act more quickly to offer services, Adams explained. And he acknowledged that they are looking for ways to redirect parts of these surplus immigrants to other cities.

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“A metropolis that is emerging from the pandemic is being overwhelmed by a humanitarian crisis,” he stressed. “New York is on the brink of a precipice,” she added. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the foremost pioneer of sending immigrants to a “rich liberal haven city,” must be rubbing his hands, counting votes for his re-election.