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In his morning conference this Friday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that as of this day the Deer Park refinery is owned by the nation, after finalizing the purchase from the Shell company.

The president affirmed that this acquisition means “a historical fact, (…) a complete turn in the politics of our country. (…) With this, progress is made in the purpose that we can process all the crude oil that is produced in Mexico and convert it into gasoline to stop importing gasoline and diesel, to have energy self-sufficiency.

The president informed that yesterday the general director of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, consolidated the operation in Houston, Texas.

He recalled that Shell had 50.1 percent of the shares and Pemex 49.9 percent. Being the majority shareholder, the US company managed the plant and the profits obtained were reinvested.

“Now we decided to acquire part of Shell so that one hundred percent of the shares are owned by the nation, by Mexico. So we already have one more refinery as of yesterday,” he explained.

Likewise, he thanked Shell for keeping the cost close to 60 million dollars during the time that the negotiations lasted, even when the price of oil registered variations, and the United States government for the facilities to carry out the acquisition.

He reported that the Deer Park refinery has the capacity to produce and process 320,000 barrels per day.

It will join the new Dos Bocas refinery in Paraíso, Tabasco, and the six that are being rehabilitated in Cadereyta, Madero, Minatitlán, Salamanca, Tula and Salina Cruz, in addition to the coking plant in Tula, Hidalgo.

He affirmed that the energy industry must be strengthened to generate profits and avoid losses “because the profits of the companies that belong to the nation must be used for the development of the country and benefit Mexicans and the most humble, the poorest people.”

The president sent a message to the refinery staff to give them confidence and the assurance that their working or salary conditions will not change.

“There are not going to be layoffs, there is not going to be a decrease in salary, benefits are not going to be taken away from the workers, from the administrative staff. I am sure that we are going to continue working with the same enthusiasm, with the same professionalism and we are going to continue producing, guaranteeing profitability in the company”, he asserted.

  • The CEO of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, reported that the Mexican government acquired 50 percent of the shares of the Deer Park refinery, which produces more than 250,000 barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel daily.

The purchase of the plant in Houston, Texas, he said, will pay significantly for the energy sovereignty program of the Government of Mexico.

“This instruction that you gave us has been complied with and as of today, from this moment, the Mexican State owns the Deer Park refinery. (…) From now on, from this administration, Mexico will be self-sufficient in the production of its fuels”, he stressed.

  • The regularization program for used vehicles of foreign origin will be extended to Durango, Nayarit and Michoacán, announced the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez.

“This week the beginning of a new stage was formalized. Three more entities are added to this benefit”, explained the head of the SSPC when reporting that the agreement was published this week.

He recalled that in October 2021 the implementation of the initiative was regulated in the northern border states: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

The program, he said, applies only to motor vehicles older than five years that are already in the national territory in one of the ten states indicated.

Owners will pay 2,500 pesos; the resources collected will be used to improve roads in each state.

They must also carry out the corresponding procedure before the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve).

The secretary noted that the objective of this program is to provide security to the population and legal certainty to the owners of the vehicles.

Approximately 2.2 million irregular vehicles of foreign origin circulate in the country, which have an impact on insecurity due to the lack of vehicle control.

  • After meeting with the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Jennifer Granholm, the head of the federal Executive maintained that the meeting was very cordial.

He said that he explained the reasons why he is promoting an electrical reform in Congress and the corruption that prevailed in the country.

“It was a very cordial meeting, the Secretary of Energy is a very sensitive woman, with a lot of political experience, she was governor for eight years, she has always been in public administration and we talked well, we informed her why the electricity reform, and of what we are doing to straighten out wrongs”, he indicated.

  • President López Obrador said he had no information about a supposed nomination by Porfirio Muñoz Ledo as Mexican ambassador to Cuba.

“I have no information on that. Marcelo Ebrard is surely going to inform”, he pointed out briefly.


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