The expulsion of the students who hung a Spanish flag in Palma leads to the complaint

Thirty students from the first year of Baccalaureate at the La Salle school in Palma were expelled for displaying a Spanish flag in a classroom to cheer on Luis Enrique’s team in the World Cup in Qatar, one of the parents of the students has denounced.

As reported by the newspapers Last minute Y Majorca Newspaperthe complainant assures that the conflict arose after a Catalan teacher expressed her rejection of the Spanish banner being hung in the classroom.

They have tried to dirty a spontaneous and sporty gesture

Parent of one of the students

The father wrote on social networks that the decision to remove the Spanish flag is due to “political connotations”. “They have tried to dirty a spontaneous and sporting gesture. The teachers of La Salle (his son’s school) have breached the protocols by sending minors home without notifying the parents,” he remarked.

The students justified the fact of displaying a Spanish flag in the classroom with the argument that “they had the permission of the head of studies” and reported that the Catalan teacher decided to suspend the class and leave the classroom.

The school, for its part, sent a circular to the parents of students signed by the technical director of Secondary, in which he justifies the decision to expel the students on the fact that they disobeyed and confronted the teacher.

Acting as a mass, they have coerced a classmate who has made an attempt to obey the teacher

School statement

“Following an initiative by the students to decorate the classroom in support of the Spanish men’s absolute soccer team in their participation in the World Cup, the 1st B students, acting as a group, have ignored the instructions of a teacher who was complying with the rules of coexistence of the center and following the orders of the management team, those expressly refusing to disobey, which is an act of deliberate insubordination”.

“Acting as a mass -adds the note- they have coerced a classmate who has indeed made an attempt to obey the teacher”, a point that was categorically denied by the student’s father, who confirmed that they will report the facts to the Educational Inspectorate .

Vox has issued a statement in which it urges the appearance in the Parliament of the Minister of Education, Martí March, to explain what happened, which the party attributes to a tendency to attack “everything related to Spain” in the classrooms of the Balearic Islands.