The auction of the shirt with which Maradona scored the “goal of the century” in the 86 World Cup in Mexico begins, with an offer of $5.2 million dollars


The auction has started shirt with which Diego Armando Maradona offered one of the most memorable games of his career against Englandin the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Mexico, in 1986. Shortly after the auction opened, he received a bid for $5,200,000..

yesotheby’s, is the house in charge of running the auction, in London. The jersey was delivered by former English midfielder Steve Hodge, who was present on that afternoon of June 22, 1986, and received it from the hand of the Argentine star, after he scored the two goals that gave Argentina victory.

The first goal, called “the hand of God” emerged after winning a shot against the English goalkeeper with his hand raised; and the second, known as “the goal of the century”, arose after outwitting half of the players, in a race that started from midfield to reach the goalkeeper’s area and also beat him. That annotation is considered the best in history.

“The jersey is in good condition, considering heavy use, perspiration and athletic activity. It has a slight fraying at the front hem and minor stains throughout,” reads the description of the jersey on the auction house’s website.

The auction takes place in the midst of a controversy. Dalma Maradona, the daughter of the late striker, said the jersey up for auction was not the one her father was wearing when he scored the goals. She says the former striker wore two jerseys, one for each half, and the one he gave Hodge was the one for the first 45 minutes, when he had yet to score a goal.

“Anyone who knows my dad for just a minute, a second knows that he didn’t give that shirt to anyone. It’s going to be this former player’s word against ours. What this man has is the one from the first time that even if he wants to auction it, it is a sin, ”he said.

According to the auction house, Resolution Photomatching was used to verify the authenticity of the garment. The resolution confirmed that the jersey owned by Sotheby’s corresponds to the one Diego wore when he scored both goals.

The jacket will be up for auction until May 4. It is expected that over the days he will receive offers that could reach up to $8,000,000 dollars.

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