The Army takes control

Ruben Cortes.

Mexico already has civil governance in theory, but military in fact: yesterday the Navy took control of eight airports, including those of CDMX. The president achieved it in three years: remove the businessmen from political power and replace them with the military.

The sailors began to take charge of terminals One and Two of the CDMX; those of Cancun and Cozumel, in Quintana Roo; those of Mérida and Chichén Itzá, in Yucatán; and those of Tapachula and Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in Chiapas.

Like Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, the current Mexican government created the political-administrative apparatus necessary to control the functioning of the country with the unconditional support of the Army. This reality that is here to stay.

In just three years, the current Mexican administration worked on the Castrochavista book to eliminate, from the capitalist superstructure of the State, the influence of private company investments and exchange it for the reckless power of arms.

Although it was easy to get rid of the influence of the businessmen, since they only have money and as soon as they see it threatened, they run or stick their heads under the wing. With the military it will be impossible: they stand up because they have the strength of tanks.

It was demonstrated with the rapid control of the vast majority of the press that this government achieved, due to the fact that the owners of the media in Mexico created or bought them to do business with the government. It was enough to tighten the pins from the beginning.

Let us remember that, of eight businessmen who went with the president to campaign for Trump, four were media owners. And many of the others are sitting down to deal with court files on the table. bread or stick And the bread runs out fast.

The columnist writes The universal Salvador Garcia Soto.

The media businessman, who obtained two concessions from private prisons (…) requested an appointment at the National Palace with the intention of “lowering” his two millionaire contracts (…) the president’s representative blurted out: “It’s fine , we can negotiate, nothing more than in this government we negotiate from folders. And there are already two court files on this subject. From there, we can negotiate.”.

We are then faced with a combination of running: on the side of the civil government, the negotiation based on judicial files and the gift of formal prison orders as if they were chocolates; on the side of the military government, the simple presence of weapons.

It is an impenetrable barrier:

1.- Military embedded in the civil power and lined with wool

2.- Government using the Penal Code at will.

In just three years, huh.

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