The Argentine national team complained about the airport in Chile and the Chilean government responded


The Argentine team complained about their long stay in Calama, Chile, before the match against the Chilean team in the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022. Emiliano Martínez, the team’s goalkeeper, was one of those who posted the delays at the airport on social networks.

“And well, as always, quilombo, quilombo”, is heard in one of his videos. “Uh, found a sugus. Found a sugus!” he yelled in another video, showing a dog walking past the bags.

“Well, today we sleep here, but nothing happens”, andArgentine defender Nicolás Otamendi expressed on his Instagram account.

Rodrigo Delgado, Minister of the Interior and Public Security, said that the real problem was the Argentine team and that they should be thankful.

“I want to say several things to them, when they speak of ‘quilombo’ when they speak ill of who the health personnel are, I want to explain to them why they may not know, but Chile has become a world leader in vaccination, in testing, because of the added work of those health officials they make fun of. They make fun of officials, they make fun of customs, they make fun of the drug-seeking dog. More than mocking, they should be grateful for the work and the collaboration”, added the Minister of the Interior.

“So a little more respect for Chile, a little more respect for the Chilean flag because I saw a story there that put a rather unpleasant emoticon next to the flag. LI ask for respect and hopefully during this day they can refer to the subject from the Argentine delegation and apologize to Chile”, Delgado continued.

“They came with a lot of disorder. It strikes me that they arrive with that level of aggressiveness, I would invite them to be more humble, to recognize that they had a mess in their papers, but everything is in order. They have to understand that each country has its rules and that we are quite rigorous and that is why we have the numbers that we have,” he concluded.

Argentina left Chile almost out of Qatar 2022

The Argentine national team won this Thursday 1-2 against Chile, with goals from Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María, in the 2,260 meters of altitude of Calama, in a duel valid for the fifteenth date of the South American qualifiers to Qatar 2022.

Early on, after nine minutes of play, Ángel Di María opened the scoring after an explosive diagonal which he defined with a changed profile in an impossible shot for the Chilean goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo.
Twenty minutes into the match, the Chilean-British Ben Brereton leveled the match with a header that easily beat the Argentine goalkeeper, Emilian Martinez. Inter Milan’s striker, Lautaro Martínez, defined after a shot by De Paul that Bravo bounced off, scoring the 1-2 win over Chile in the 34th minute of the match.

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