Texas Police Chief Accused of Paying Himself Nearly $300,000 in Overtime; he approved the documents

Spring Village Valley Police Chief Loyd Evans.

Photo: Spring Valley Police Department / Courtesy

HOUSTON – The Spring Valley Village Police Chief has been removed from his post after an investigation found that paid himself about $300,000 in overtime since 2020 and who also signed the documents approving the payments.

The allegations came to light during a special meeting of the Town of Spring Valley Village last week.

Details of Loyd Evans’ alleged payments to himself of $189,038 for overtime in 2020 and another $96,040 in 2021 were released during the meeting.

The amounts mentioned were added to his base salary of $151,000. The City Attorney reported that Evans apparently signed and authorized the payments to himself.

Evans is being paid his base salary while the investigation is ongoing.

Spring Village officials have not commented on the case, saying only that they will await the outcome of the investigations.

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