Teen Kills Another After Argument in Woodlawn, VA

An argument, the origin of which is being investigated by the police, was the cause of a shooting murder perpetrated on Saturday night in Northern Virginia by an 18-year-old Latino teenager. The victim was another 19-year-old teenager.

City of Alexandria resident Kevin Alexander Lemus was captured Tuesday and is behind bars in connection with the murder of Darlin Ariel Diaz Flores, who lived in the Annandale area of ​​Fairfax County. The perpetrator is without bail.

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Maj. Ed O’Carroll said Diaz Flores was shot to death around 9:30 pm on Graves Street at the Woodlawn Garden apartment complex in the Woodlawn area.

“The victim, Diaz Flores, was standing outside a friend’s apartment doing nothing wrong,” O’Connell said. The young man had just returned from a social event and “was waiting outside to be taken home with some friends.”

It was in those moments that Lemus walked past and the two exchanged “very simple words, which led to a kind of physical confrontation that ended with a shot to the upper part of Díaz Flores’ body,” added the police chief. The attacker then fled on the run.

O’Carroll said Lemus confessed shortly after he was taken into custody. The suspect recently turned 18 and has had more than 80 contacts with law enforcement, “including numerous serious contacts,” he explained.

“We are all safer now with Lemus behind bars. He chose to have a gun, and it’s not the first time. He chose to shoot a man and ultimately take his life Saturday night in Fairfax County. He will now face the consequences of his actions,” O’Carroll said.

Police, who are still actively investigating the incident, have not recovered the weapon. Investigators are asking for the help of anyone who might know Lemus and what he was doing before and after the shooting. They also want to hear from anyone who can offer insight into whether there is a motive beyond what police now believe.

O’Connell offered his condolences, on behalf of the Police Department, to the victim’s family. “His life was cut short and we and the family mourn it,” said Lt. Erin Weeks of the Fairfax County Police Violent Crimes Division.

To give known details, you can call 703-246-7800. The information could lead to a cash reward of up to $1,000.

Lemus is being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.