Teasing, insults, threats and an order "do not change a comma"

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Ernest Zavaleta.

The order has been very clear every time the tenant of the National Palace sends an initiative to Congress, "not a comma is changed", they are not proposals, they are orders, and the 2023 Federation Expenditure Law was no exception. Those of Morena simulated an open dialogue and made fun of even their own followers to deceive everyone and fulfill the whim of their boss, accuse deputies of the PAN, PRD and PRI.

With 273 votes in favor and 222 against, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approved, in general, the Federation Expenditure Budget Project for 2023, and the same majority treatment will receive two thousand 268 reservations in the next few days filed against all articles, methodology, annexes and even the legend of "generally approved" of the Expenditure Law for 2023.

This government has reached such a level of authoritarianism that what shouldeither being a constructive parliamentary dialogue ended in a painful legislative catharsis for the opposition, whose arguments became cries of impotence that for five days collided with a icing wall, with an automatic, irrational and intolerant NO! for each demand, for each opposition proposal, even for the few deputies from Morena, the PT and PVEM who came out with their reservations about the presidential script crashed in the NO!

deputies Marco Antonio Mendoza Bustamante Y Jaime Bueno Zertucheof the PRI; Miguel Angel Monraz Ibarra Y Margaret Zavalaof the PAN, and Miguel Angel Torres Rosales of the PRD, pointed out that although it was a losing battle due to Morena's intolerance, the discussion of the Budget in six months of forums, weeks of debates in commissions and several days in plenary session were not wasted time.

Separately they told Prayers to Saint Lazarus that they could not withdraw or remain silent while Morena deprived each of its states of necessary resources, weakened autonomous organizations and institutions and violated the balance of powers to promote a centralist 2023 budget, insensitive and opaque in its application.

All that the legislators who contravened a comma of the Executive's proposal were going to hear was NO, as the deputy from Morena said Manuel Vazquez Arellano “the sound of their world collapsing is the sound of ours resurfacing”, a quote from Subcomandante Marcos, all in the name of the “good and wise people”; everyone else is ignorant and neoliberal, the opposition, the World Bank, the IDB, the International Monetary Fund, the OECD, Coneval, and anyone who dares to contradict the morning speaker.

The president's puppets imposed their majority in the chamber to comply with the order "not a single comma is changed" and annulled with their moorish vote, not only weeks of discussion in the ruling commissions, but also six months of open congresses, forums and assemblies of workers, farmers, teachers, academics, businessmen, economists and even several of those legislators who voted with only one thing in mind: obey Andrés I.

Jaime Bueno Zertuchesecretary of the budget commission, expressed his anger “the majority was imposed to approve the budget, we are frustrated because what was done in six working groups within the commission was not reflected, and the previous forums and open parliaments where different groups they made their needs and proposals known, nothing was taken into account, it's frustrating”, the PRI presented more than 600 reservations.

annoyed the deputy Miguel Angel Torres also secretary of the Budget Commission, claimed "they only made fun of more than 100 attendees at the commission's work tables and did not take into account a proposal or request for spending, they played with the good intentions of researchers, farmers, athletes , migrants, only respond to the whim and orders of a single man, the president”.

Even, said the PRD legislator, the migrants stated that they do not have sufficient protection or consular attention, nor are there resources for programs such as Three for One or Repatriation that mean one thousand 100 million pesos but "Morena here calls migrants heroes , but it does not give them a peso, they are only interested in their remittances”.

“Why so much open parliament? Proposals were ignored”, claimed the PAN member Margaret Zavalawhose party, the PAN registered more than a thousand reservations, and his co-religionist Miguel Angel Monraz Ibarra, Secretary of the budget commission explained that since March it was a simulation and when the budget arrived in September at the chamber, those of Morena were very clear:

“They warned us that they were going to give us a kick in the butt for each proposal that we present, to the deputy Rommel Pacheco They flat out told him they are good proposals for sports but you are with the wrong party, they are not going to happen… It was an imposition, a mockery for the deputies and for the Mexicans, they only fulfill the whim of a man”.

Only 6 thousand 437 million pesos were adjusted in the endorsed opinion, which represents 0.07% of the total approved spending of 8 billion 299 thousand 647 million pesos. Adjustments against the balance of powers and in favor of the centralization of spending to the taste of a single voice, that of the President.

Morena's parliamentary group complied with the order, they did not change a comma to what the President sent, but they did modify the budget requests, particularly of those who do not depend on the Federal Executive, the autonomous organizations and the legislative and judicial powers, all saw their requests.

The Federal Competition Commission (Cofece) suffered cuts, which will have a downward adjustment of 33.5 million pesos; the National Institute of Transparency and Access to Public Information of 18.6 million pesos and the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) 17.9 million pesos. And with everything and a newborn child present… cut back on the vaccination program.

And public enemy number one for the 4T, the National Electoral Institute (INE), was particularly punished, from which 4 thousand 475.5 million pesos were taken, to be left in a little moremore than 20 billion pesos.

Although the expense of this organization is less than 0.05% of the total, the Institute and its owner were reviled Lorenzo Cordobapractically in all of Morena's interventions, dozens of which were justified with feigned reservations that, after her harangues for the president and against the INE, they invariably withdrew.

The discussion of the reservations will continue perhaps until next Monday, November 14, those of Morena and their accomplices will withdraw them and those of the opposition will make catharsis. The deadline for approval of the 2023 Federation Expenditure Law, which ends on November 15, will be met.

There may be 500 or 300 federal deputies, the discussion of the budget of the Law of Expenditures of the Federation for 2023 shows that for the Fourth Transformation, democracy, the autonomy of powers, the representation of the people are reduced to one thing: the word and the power of one man, the president.

And while the catharsis of the budget drags on, the discussion of 371 law initiatives and 11 legislative proposals are added to those pending in the Chamber of Deputies.

But not a comma is changed.




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