Teacher sentenced for spreading cupcakes with her husband’s sperm and feeding them to her students

Cynthia Perkins, 36, faces 41 years in prison, after accepting a plea deal on Monday.

Photo: Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy

A teacher has pleaded guilty to disturbing child sex offences, including using cupcakes to feed her students smeared with her husband’s sperm.

Cynthia Perkins, 36, faces 41 years in prisonafter accepting a plea deal on Monday in exchange for testifying against her now ex-husband, Dennis, who was working as a deputy bailiff for Livingston Parish at the time of his arrest.

The Louisiana woman initially pleaded not guilty to 72 counts of various sex crimes.

However, this week He pleaded guilty to producing child pornography, second-degree rape, and mixing noxious substances.

The charge on harmful substances he allegedly refers to an incident in which he used Dennis’s sperm to “season” cakes for the boys at Westside Junior High School.

“We thought these three charges were representative of what he had done and by agreeing with the facts when we put them on the record, he prepared to testify against Dennis Perkins,” Louisiana Assistant Attorney General Barry Milligan said Monday.

Cynthia and Dennis were arrested in October 2019 and faced 150 felony charges including rape, child pornography, sexual assault of a child, and video voyeurism.

Cynthia filed for divorce and resigned from her high school post after the arrest.

She claimed that her then-husband manipulated her into committing the terror crimes, station WBRZ reported.

Dennis was fired from the sheriff’s department after the charges were filed.

Cynthia was scheduled to face a jury trial on Monday and could have faced 72 years in prison.

However, 68 of the remaining charges against him were dropped when he agreed to the deal.

He was given 40 years for second-degree rape and 30 concurrent years for sexual offenses involving a minor under 13 years of age.

The sperm-laced cakes incident resulted in a one-year sentence.

She has no chance of parole after accepting the deal.

“Today, Cynthia Perkins admitted her crimes and pleaded guilty in court,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry.

“She not only waived any right to appeal and attempt to avoid conviction, but also prevented the victims from reliving their horrific crimes during this particular trial.

“Conviction is what is best for our victims and justice.

“We hope to hold Dennis Perkins accountable for his crimes in the very near future,” he added.

Cynthia’s legal team had been trying to get her trial moved from Living Parish and argued that the impact of the case on social media did not guarantee a fair trial.

However, they agreed to a deal that was ultimately also approved by the victim’s family.

“They feel this serves justice and better protects their children,” said Louisiana Assistant Attorney General Erica McLellan.

“She played a part in this and acknowledged it today, but she was under the control of Denny Perkins, and he manipulated her into doing a lot of things that she wasn’t comfortable with.”

Dennis faces 150 charges, many of which are sexual offenses.

“He is the real monster,” said Cynthia Perkins’ attorney, Paul ‘Woody’ Scott.

“That’s what she wants to make clear, this is not about blaming, she took responsibility today, I mean, that’s what she did, but she hopes to go after the real monster.”

Dennis’s trial is scheduled to begin in May.

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