Talina Fernández reveals that at 77 she is having a boyfriend for the first time

Talina Fernandez He confessed that he has given himself a new opportunity in love, and surprised to reveal that a visit to the supermarket changed his life completely.

It was during a section of the Imagen Televisión program, ‘Sale el Sol’, where the 77-year-old host narrated how she began her love story with a man named José Manuel, of whom for the time being she preferred to keep other information anonymous, such as their last names.

According to the mother of the late actress Mariana Levi It all happened hours before the end of 2021, when he went to the supermarket to do some shopping in the company of his granddaughter María. But it was there when he met a woman who confessed that she had a great admirer, whom without hesitation he invited to have a coffee.

“I was going on December 31 with my granddaughter María to buy the ingredients for New Year’s dinner and cart with cart, a divine blonde, who I now know is called Monica, tells me: ‘I have an uncle who wants with you‘. (I replied) ‘don’t tell me! and what’s his name?’. José Manuel, I no longer say the last name, so I tell him: ‘Well, I invite you to have a coffee on Monday‘” he recounted with a big smile.

However, their first date was about to be interrupted by an accident suffered by the woman who would introduce him to his uncle. But Talina Fernández decided to continue with the plans and not cancel the meeting, so she finally met the man who is her boyfriend today.

On Monday she speaks and says: ‘I can’t go, I broke my hand, do you want us to postpone it?’ (I told him) ‘what for?, we’re grown up, we can see each other alone’, he remembered.

And although the so-called “Lady of good saying” did not reveal more details of the mysterious man who conquered her heart, she ended up confessing that she had such a good time with her new love that they even traveled to Acapulco, Guerrero, to witness a sunset.

He did not stop our mouths, so now he is the Don José with whom I saw a sunset at the Hotel Flamingos“, he detailed.

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