Syria and Iran strengthen ties of economic cooperation | News

The President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and the Iranian Minister of Roads and City Construction and head of the Syrian-Iranian Joint Economic Committee, Rostam Qasimi, met this Wednesday in Damascus to strengthen bilateral ties, especially in economic matters.


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According to the Syrian Presidency on the platform, during the meeting the importance of establishing new strategic exchange projects between the two nations, which are victims of persecution by the White House, was highlighted.

The talks also addressed the issue of bilateral cooperation in the public and private sectors to encourage joint investments “with the aim of giving new impetus to commercial and economic ties,” the text underlines.

Qasimi reiterated Tehran’s position in supporting the Syrian Arab Republic in the fight against terrorism, at the same time, deepening energy agreements.

Likewise, the Iranian government representative showed his enthusiasm for expanding cooperation between the two nations “in all fields that serve the interests of two friendly peoples,” he said.

Syria and Iran are two strategic allies that have shown their mutual support both economically, commercially, politically, and in the fight against terrorism.