Survey records that 70.1% of salvadorans mistrust bitcoin | News


The University Institute of Public Opinion (Iudop), of the José Simeón Cañas Central American University (UCA), indicated this Saturday that nine out of ten people in El Salvador have little or no knowledge about bitcoin, a legal cryptocurrency in the country. from September 7, 2021.


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In this sense, the results were recorded after the application of a survey carried out on a sample of 1,298 salvadorans by the entity, between December 7 and 17, 2021.

The research concludes that 95.9 percent of the population maintains that the use of bitcoin should be voluntary.

“According to this opinion study, the majority of the Salvadoran population has an inaccurate notion about what bitcoin is, especially since more than half consider it to be money, when in fact, it is a financial asset,” the UCA specified. .

Likewise, the survey reported that 25.6 percent of citizens believe that those who benefit most from the Bitcoin Law belong to the wealthy sector of El Salvador; 20.5 percent of the population indicated that it is the Salvadoran government, while 19 percent pointed to foreign investors as the main beneficiaries.

It should be noted that the Central American nation is the first internationally to adopt cryptocurrency, in line with the dollar, as a financial mechanism to facilitate remittances from the United States to El Salvador.

“The data shows that there is a low level of knowledge of the Salvadoran population about various facts of the national situation, such as the Government’s proposal to reform the Constitution of the Republic,” reported the entity.

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