Street vendors in California will receive economic relief of $2,500 from the state government


Benjamin Ramirez, a street vendor in Los Angeles. (Aurelia Ventura/The Opinion)

Photo: Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

California street vendors, affected by the COVID pandemic, will receive an economic stimulus of $2,500 dollars from the state government.

The initiative seeks to support sectors of society that have not received benefits, such as the Golden State stimulus checks and other economic programs derived from the pandemic.

this support also includes informal undocumented workers.

The spokeswoman for California Government Office of Economic Development, Araceli Campa, informed that it will be sent a one-time payment of $2,500 dollars directed to street vendors or people with income equal to or less than $50,000 dollars annually.

Individuals will need to show that they have worked in California for several months.

“Those people who work from home selling some food or who sell on public roads, corn growers, greengrocers and fruit vendors, are included,” Campa told Univisión network.

To be eligible for this economic relief, Interested residents must demonstrate that the business should have started before December 31, 2019, continue to operate currently, and demonstrate that it was affected by the pandemic, verify that you are the main owner and that the annual income depends largely on the business and that you have not received financial support from the Small Business COVID-19 Relief Program.

The procedure may be carried out with personal identification documents, such as state licenses or consular registrations.

The state government spokeswoman assured that applicants will not be turned away if you do not have street work permits or legal documents in the United States.

Receipts for the purchase of merchandise, materials or any other kind that allows you to demonstrate expenses of your business may be presented.

Businesses that qualify to receive this support had income of $50,000 or less during 2019.

The program will rely on the counties and these, in turn, on community organizations to deliver the

It has a fund of $50 million dollars for this program and the first economic relief will begin to be delivered at the beginning of February. The way in which the resources will be delivered was not reported.

The list of counties and organizations that will distribute the money will be announced soon and can be reviewed at this link during the first weeks of February.

Street vendors can contact the Office of Economic Development via email at

It is expected that more than 50,000 people benefit from this program in Los Angeles County alone.

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