Spain seeks justice 85 years after the massacre in Andalusia | News

Spain seeks justice 85 years after the massacre in Andalusia, as part of the fascist war imposed by the dictator Francisco Franco, and claims for its victims and disappeared.


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This Monday marked the 85th anniversary of “la disbandá”, the biggest crime during the Spanish Civil War, for which the CGT Málaga teaching union asks the Andalusian Council of Education to promote its commemoration from the next course.

The request of the union will request that on the corresponding date, didactic material for all levels prepared by teachers, historians, researchers and civil organizations be distributed.

In order to keep historical memory alive, the target audience for the activities will be the youngest. At the same time, it also aims to preserve and vindicate democratic values, as well as the struggle of the Andalusian people for their freedoms.

In turn, the PSOE proposed this week in Congress to recognize the date at the national level in order to promote the Democratic Memory Law, which will soon be put to the vote in March.

On February 7, 1937, around 300,000 people fleeing in a mass exodus along the road from Malaga to Almería, were heavily attacked by Franco’s hosts.

The whereabouts of the graves concerning the fascist massacre are still unknown. Similarly, even in Spain justice has not been done for the crimes of Franco’s troops.

After 85 years of the massacre, the history of the Civil War continues to be a taboo subject in Andalusia. This is due to the fact that in a large part of the historical archives, information regarding the war has been erased.