Soccer stadium grandstand collapses in Chile | Videos

This Friday the roof of a grandstand collapsed in the Colo-Colo Monumental Stadium in Santiago, Chile, during the traditional ‘harangue’ before the game against the team Catholic University.

During the celebrations, a group of fans climbed on a structure made of light material, causing it to give way due to the weight. Likewise, giant advertising signs tilted until they almost fell on the public.

According to local media, the wounded could amount to up to 8 people. However, the official figure is yet to be confirmed. Firefighters and health personnel work on the scene to rescue people who may have been trapped

Through social networks, videos of the collapse were virilized.

When questioned about the facts, the Uruguayan soccer player Maximilian Falcon, stated that the people should behave.

“I’ve said it several times. We have said it in campaigns: insisting that people behave”, said the athlete during a press conference.

The harangue is a traditional act of celebration that takes place in the stadium in support of the team before the classic against Universidad Católica. The game is scheduled for this Sunday, October 2 at the venue.