Simeone partying: 400 games as DT in the League and tenth consecutive pass to Champions


The group led by Diego Pablo Simeon strengthened this Wednesday its tenth consecutive appearance in the Champions League after the 2-0 victory against Elche. The “cholos“, he feels satisfied with this fact and reiterated his thanks to the club.

In the press conference after the victory, Simeone commented that since his arrival to the team they have exceeded expectations that were raised and that is something to be proud of, both him and the board and all those involved in the growth of the Madrid club in recent years.

Miguel Ángel (team president) asked me for four or five Champions League qualifiers in a row when I arrived and it’s already been 10 seasons, I think he’ll be happy […] We have arrived at this desired and desired moment because there are a lot of people working who are not seen and who need this so that we can evolve as a club.

In addition, the “Cholo” thanked the trust and support of the board throughout the years, and that despite the adversities, they have managed to face them and get ahead.

after one irregular season for the team where, in the opinion of the Argentine strategist, the defensive balance was the biggest fault, Simeone took the opportunity to applaud the management by the board.

I am grateful because the difficulty can be assumed from the revolution, taking out a coach or in the fight and the club handled it with balance. The club invited us to work because there is a great communion.

When questioned about some of the figures of the mattresses and their performance during the tournament, the 52-year-old coach spoke of the value they bringdespite not being at his best football moment.

The name that came up the most was the French Antoine Griezmannwhom he defended as one of the best scorers in the history of the club and who is only going through a moment of low production in his career and applauded that he has understood that You can contribute in other ways.

To talk about Griezmann is to talk about one of the players who has scored the most goals in Atlético’s history. […] It’s weird that it doesn’t convert. But it is very big that when the penalty was against Espanyol, he could have taken it, he understood that it was not his time to take it. In the pass to De Paul he also understood that his partner is more successful than him and that must be valued

The box led by Simeone It was eliminated from the Champions League by Manchester City, Meanwhile in The Spanish league aim to end in thirdjust below the Barcelona and the Real Madrid champion.

Despite not being at his best, “The cholo” considers that it is necessary celebrate winshow to ensure one more Champions, and focus on work in the future to improve the results.

(With information from Europe Press)

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