Shooting leaves at least 12 injured in South Carolina, USA | News

The Columbia Police Department, in the US state of South Carolina, reported this Saturday about a shooting at a shopping center that resulted in at least 12 injuries.


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According to local authorities, of the 12 reported injuries, ten were transferred to assistance centers as a result of deep gunshot wounds.

The head of the South Carolina Police Department, William H. Holbrook, specified that the 12 injured people are being treated and are in critical but stable condition.

Holbrook further added that all mall staff were immediately evacuated; and the epicenter site of the shooting will remain closed until further notice.

Likewise, the entity specified that the investigations continue instead of the facts, while the victims of the criminal act receive the necessary medical assistance.

“Today’s isolated and senseless act of violence is deeply disturbing and our thoughts are with all those affected, we are grateful for the rapid response and continued support of our security team and our partners in law enforcement,” he said. Officer Holbrook.