She was blinded during the 2019 protests, now Fabiola sues the State of Chile for more than 2 million dollars


A woman, who was blinded as a result of police action during a wave of protests in Chile and is now a senator, sued the State for the damages and asks for a compensation for more than 2 million dollars along with other members of his family.

Fabiola Campillai lost her sight at the end of 2019, when he was hit by a tear gas bomb while waiting for transportation to go to work at a bus stop in a suburban sector in the south of Santiago. Two years later she was elected senator.

“Mrs. Campillai, along with her family, sued compensation for damages to the State of Chile for the damage caused,” he told Reuters his lawyer Alejandra Arriaza.

“The right of victims to comprehensive reparation it is a duty of the statethis has been assumed by Chile when signing and ratifying international treaties”, he added.

In a series of messages on Twitter, Campillai clarified that her lawsuit was filed before she became a senator and during the government of Sebastián Piñera. She stressed that the fact that the news is spreading at this time, “only speaks of the desperation to discredit me politically, in addition to minimize the fact itself, what left me on the verge of death“.

The lawsuit was filed in February of this year before a court in the municipality where she resides in the south of Santiago, but after taking office as senator in March and to have jurisdiction the case was transferred to another court.

Campillai’s lawsuit is for 700 million pesoswhich is added to smaller amounts demanded by her two daughters, her sister, her mother and her husband for a total of 2,200 million pesosconfirmed the San Miguel court that will now review the case.

On the other hand, while an oral trial is taking place, former police officer Patricio Maturana is being held in preventive detention as the person responsible for the attack that blinded Campillai in the midst of the massive demonstrations that broke out in Chile in October 2019 and lasted for several months.

Another young man was also blinded by police action during the protests, in which dozens of people were victims of eye trauma. Several organizations defending Human Rights questioned the actions of the police in the repression of demonstrations.

More than 30 people died, 3,000 were injured and 30,000 arrested during the protests.

With information from Reuters

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