Shakira demanded that Gerard Piqué not go to Miami right now

Shakira at her son Milan’s baseball game in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Photo: Splash News. / Mezcalent

Information from each side of the controversy of the year continues to leak: Shakira vs. Gerard Pique. Although they have reached an agreement for the custody of the children of both sasha and milan, The Colombian made a demand to the former FC Barcelona footballer: noor travel now to Miami with them.

Since the news broke Shakira would go to Miami in 2023 with her children. The details of how the meeting took place where a mutual legal agreement for the welfare of the children was defined continue to be added more information from thethe demands of both parties. One of them It is the next trip of the interpreter of Te Felicito and Monotonía to the state of Florida in the United States.

Gerard Piqué of course he wanted immediately, according to some Spanish media, to start organizing to go to be close to the move of his children just the first days. Supposedly, Shak told him demanded that he not do it. It doesn’t seem crazy to think about it, Milan’s single farewell to his baseball friends moved half the world.

So seems to have asked him as a mandate not to approach at least on this trip. This, to avoid unnecessary suffering in the face of a life change like this. Information was also leaked that ensures that Gerard Piqué yes, he would be looking for a place nearby in Miami to visit his children and not having to do it in a hotel, but with all the luxuries that they will have in Shakira’s mansion in Miami.

Among the latest information about the ex-partner, there are also some that include the health of the singer’s father, William Mebarak. Same as he returned to the hospital in Barcelona, but according to the correspondent for El Gordo and La Flaca, Jordi Martin, for a check-up and returned home. Some say that this situation could delay Shakira’s trip to Miamibut it is not at all certain or that it has been confirmed by a source close to her.

While, Gerard Piqué is still on his honeymoon with Clara Chía Martin. He was seen holding the Catalan’s bag like a true gentleman and apparently they are becoming more and more inseparable. It was also revealed that she was just the supposed third party that convinced Piqué to reach an agreement for the custody of his children with their mother.

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