Several bodies are left in front of the government palace of a violent Mexican region

The lifeless bodies of several people were left inside a vehicle in front of the government palace in a violent region of central Mexico, the highest local authority reported on Thursday.

The bodies, which according to the media were between six and ten, were inside a truck that was parked in the Plaza de Armas in Zacatecas, capital of the state of the same name, a few meters from the government offices.

“They inform me of a truck (…) that they came to leave here at the Government Palace with bodies apparently beaten, injured,” the state governor, David Monreal, said in a message from the Plaza de Armas, hours after the car was left with the corpses.

Local media detailed that the vehicle was found during the morning a few meters from a large Christmas tree placed on the site for the holidays.

In the past, criminal groups have left the bodies of their victims in public areas, as a supposed way of sending a message to the authorities or rival groups.

Zacatecas has become in recent years one of the most violent regions in Mexico due to the struggles between criminal gangs that fight over drug trafficking and other illicit routes.

Last year, 1,050 intentional homicides were registered in that state, about 200 more than in 2020, according to official data.

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