Seven activities for older adults to do at home | News

This Saturday, October 1, the International Day of the Elderly or Older Persons is celebrated, under the theme of “Digital Equity for all ages”, to highlight the need for older adults to have access and greater participation in the world. digital.


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Since 1990, the United Nations Organization (UN) instituted this day to raise awareness in the general public about aging issues and the space that older people occupy in society.

Global statistics expect the world population over 60 to double by 2050, according to experts. Therefore, social and governmental structures must be prepared to assume the flow of this type of population whose living conditions are different.

But old age does not mean inactivity or the end of life, it is simply another stage where you can enjoy other activities and face life fully. That is why we propose seven activities for you to do at home.

1 – Read

Undoubtedly, reading is an entertainment activity that sometimes we do not value enough. And you probably put off a dozen books you got or bought because you didn’t have time, you were working, or you had to take care of your family. Well, in old age, books are an excellent company to pass the time. In addition, they improve your ability to concentrate.

2 – Exercise physically

Physical exercises are important at any age, but for the elderly, it is even very beneficial. With physical activity, you have lower risks of cardiovascular disease, you have less body fat and you have controlled cholesterol. In the end, physical practice stimulates your body in cognitive and psychological matters.

3 – Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates

These are sports practices that seek to prevent injuries, seek balance and body relaxation and keep you in shape. Those elderly people who have bone or joint problems should see the medical recommendations so that they can tell you what exercise they can do.

4 – Music therapy

And if you enjoyed music when you were young, now in old age you can use music as a therapy to stimulate communication, improve your mood or self-esteem and that will bring you cognitive, physical and emotional benefits.

5 – Paint

Drawing is an activity to activate concentration, especially because of the level of detail you pay attention to, in addition, it stimulates your creative side. So buy some paints, brushes or colors, some oils or sheets and start painting.

6 – Memory Games

Our brains tend to forget things over time, which is totally normal, as they store a lot of information on a daily basis. Look for games that stimulate your memories, that force you to search for memories. This activates your mind and reduces the cognitive deterioration of your brain.

7 – Learn to use new technologies

In keeping with this year’s theme on the Day of the Elderly, it is good to give Information and Communication technologies a try. If you don’t know, learn to use a cell phone, a computer, a tablet. Learn to navigate the Internet and social networks. There will always be someone who can support you. With these technologies, you can get closer to other people and stay active.