Sergio Mattarella assumes second presidential term in Italy | News

The President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, swore on Thursday before the Parliament of that country after being re-elected in office, and swore “to be loyal to the Republic and loyally observe its Constitution.”


Italian Parliament re-elects Sergio Mattarella as president

As there is no consensus among the political parties in the search for a successor, Mattarella assumes the presidency for another seven years. The 80-year-old Italian president, although he preferred his retirement, had to take office.

In this sense, he explained that “the Parliament and the representatives of the regions made their choice. It is for me a new, unexpected call to responsibility, from which, however, I cannot and do not intend to escape”.

In his speech he recalled the former Italian President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. “He taught us that we are hope,” Mattarella said in reference to the last public words of the late Italian politician. At the same time he addressed a few words to Pope Francis “whose magisterium Italy looks up to with great respect”.

In turn, he made a call to overcome discrimination, to prevent violence against women and address the issue of immigration without forgetting “the human dignity of others.”

He analyzed the role of politics in the current circumstances and described the judiciary as “a fundamental element of the constitutional system” in which profound reforms are urgently needed. On the other hand, regarding Covid-19, he emphasized that “the fight against the virus is not over.”