Senator Damián Zepeda demands to guarantee security to journalists


Mexico.- The senator of the Republic, Damián Zepeda Vidales, through a point of agreement, condemned the violence against journalists and demanded that the federal government guarantee peace and security to the union and to all Mexicans.

“The violence is out of control and it is particularly attacking a work that, like all others, is important, but that has a social work to protect, which is journalism. So far this year, 11 journalists have been killed, presumably in the hands of organized crime, and if you add up all those who have been in this six-year term, there are already 36, ”he said.

He recalled that López Obrador had already exceeded the number of journalists killed in Vicente Fox’s six-year term (22) and said that, if the trend continues, it will far exceed those of Calderón (48) and Peña Nieto (47).

“They have to stop this now, because journalistic work has a function of bringing information closer to Mexicans, thanks to the work that journalists do we have access to the truth, we know about the good things that happen in the country, the things bad, the information that helps us make better decisions in our lives (…) the function of journalists must be protected in this country”, he explained.

In this context, he requested that this attitude be corrected, since they generate a negative climate with their hostile environments “which the President of the Republic does every day with journalists who do not align with the interests of the government. Enough of this hostile environment, we must guarantee that journalism can be exercised in this country, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, access to information, access to the truth and of course, guarantee peace to Mexicans ”.

“First, we demand this strategic program to guarantee journalists the exercise of their profession; second, that the security strategy be changed now, it is evident that it failed, there are more than 100,000 deaths from murder; third, that an immediate dialogue be opened with the Senate of the Republic; and fourth, the appearance of the Secretary of Public Security and the commander of the National Guard, because the policy of covering one’s eyes is an obvious failure,” he asserted.

He urged the federal government to take advantage of the legislative recess and to maintain the work in commissions to start a dialogue on security with the Senate of the Republic, which is responsible for approving the security strategy.

“Come, show your face, explain to journalists why this is happening, why there is so much violence in the country and together we find solutions so that peace is guaranteed to Mexicans, because we are tired of pretexts,” he concluded.

With information from the PAN

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