Sembrando Vida reduces the cultivation of plants for the manufacture of drugs, highlights the president

Mexico.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted that the Sembrando Vida program, in addition to being a source of income for thousands of families, has a positive impact on the development of the countryside, on reforestation and on the control of the cultivation and consumption of plants used for the production of illicit substances.

“We are applying the Sembrando Vida program in the areas where drugs are planted the most, in the mountains, and we are already having good results. Now people, instead of planting marijuana or poppies, are planting fruit and timber trees, this in Durango, Sinaloa and in other states, that works without a doubt and we are going to continue with that program, ”he stressed.

In a morning press conference, he indicated that this unique initiative in the world means job opportunities and keeps youth away from antisocial attitudes, which reduces the crime rate.

Through the Well-being Programs, the federation pacifies the country and promotes the construction of strategic infrastructure works with a multiplier effect: they generate development and thousands of jobs.

“There is not in the world, for example –I have said it on other occasions–, a reforestation program like the one in Mexico; There is no work in the world like the Mayan Train, there is no plan for the well-being of the people in the world like the one applied in Mexico”, she emphasized.

These actions are part of the process of change promoted by the Government of the Fourth Transformation for the benefit of the people and which is conceptualized as Mexican Humanism, a theoretical model of this federal administration recently coined by President López Obrador.

“This is not a movement of a single man, nor of a group of leaders, nor even of a party. This is a movement of millions of Mexicans. (…) Ours is peaceful, it is a transformation whose purpose is a change of mentality, a revolution of consciences and we have achieved that ”, he affirmed.

With information from the Presidency

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