seeks to raise 4,000 million dollars for Afghanistan | News

The United Nations Organization (UN) stated that it seeks to raise at its next donor summit, more than 4 billion dollars for more than 24 million Afghans who need urgent humanitarian aid.


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The date of the event is still unknown, but the representation of the United Kingdom before the United Nations explained that it will be a sponsor of the event together with the multilateral organization

“The UK and the UN Human Rights Coordination Office will co-host a pledging conference in Afghanistan to protect women and girls, save lives and support stability in the region,” the Foreign Secretary said. from the UK, Liz Truss.

The United Kingdom promised to contribute 350 million euros to the Afghan cause, of those 3.8 billion euros (more than 4 billion dollars) that the UN hopes to collect.

For his part, the UN Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths thanked the United Kingdom for collaborating with the donor conference, a gesture that should help hundreds of Afghan families.

It is worth mentioning that the World Food Program (WFP) revealed that about nine million people in Afghanistan are at risk of starvation.