Sao Paulo registers 24 deaths due to intense rains in Brazil | News


The Government of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo (SP) registered this Monday 24 fatalities, including eight children, after heavy rainfall affecting 27 municipalities in the state since last Friday, January 28.


Some 18 deaths from rains confirmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

According to the state authority, the torrential rains generated disturbances of the sea that evicted 1,546 families, in addition, seven injured and at least eight missing have been reported to date.

In consonance, the meteorological context of Sao Paulo generated overflowing of rivers, several highways were interrupted, both partially and totally; in addition to land runoff.

“The Government determined the creation of a working group in which Firefighters, Military Police and Civil Defense participate for all the mayors of the municipalities that suffered the rains, in addition to 15 million reais (2,850,000 dollars), released by the Executive”, communicated the authority.

In this sense, the financial funds will be used to solve existing urban problems in the affected localities and are influential factors in the collapse of buildings and walls; as well as in floods.

Among the most affected municipalities are Francisco Morato, Franco da Rocha, Caieira; which have humanitarian assistance; and the Metropolitan Region, which remains on alert with threats of flooding and landslides.

So far, the state Civil Defense has delivered around 287 basic food baskets, 227 hygiene kits and 294 supplies for bedrooms.

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