Sao Paulo Forum concludes meeting in Venezuela News

Sao Paulo Forum concludes meeting in Venezuela | News

The Vice President of International Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Adán Chávez, indicated that “the Sao Paulo Forum has allowed the progress of the integration and unity of the peoples.”


Venezuela highlights the role of the Sao Paulo Forum in regional unity

When participating in the closure of the extended meeting of the Working Group of the Sao Paulo Forum, held in the city of Caracas, Chávez expressed that “unity is one of those achievements that have been shown in reality, the new geopolitics of our continent, there is the real sample, full of freedom and sovereignty of our nations”.

During the closing plenary session of the Meeting of the Working Group of the Sao Paulo Forum, the member of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party of Honduras, Ramón Espinoza, affirmed that only as a bloc will it be possible to face the challenges of the region.

The Sao Paulo Forum approved this Saturday a note of support for the cause of the kidnapping in the United States (USA) of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab and extended its deep solidarity with the Movement that is developing an intense campaign for his release, chaired by his wife Camilla Fabri.

“We now receive in the Forum plenary the wife of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, Camilla Fabri, denouncing the kidnapping of a duly accredited person, solely for fighting for the right of the Venezuelan people, by the US government. #FreeAlexSaab” , communicated the Forum through its Twitter account.

The participation of the human rights defender and digital communicator, Camilla Fabri, took place in the closing plenary session of the working group of the Sao Paulo Forum, meeting since Friday at the headquarters of the International University of Communication (Lauicom), in Caracas.

In the final activity they participate in addition to Adán Chávez; the rector of the International University of Communications, Tania Díaz, and the Executive Secretary of the forum, Mónica Valente.

This November 18 and 19, more than 65 international delegates from 22 countries established working groups to strengthen a joint action plan that allows them to continue consolidating the fight in the region.

In these instances, the attendees shared experiences on the electoral victories of the peoples of Bolivia, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

The executive secretary of the FSP, the Brazilian Mónica Valentte, said that on January 28 there will be activities in commemoration of the Cuban national hero José Martí.

Subsequently, by the end of January next year, the Sao Paulo Forum will hold a symposium on Latin American and Caribbean integration in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

The activity will take place in the context of the Summit of leaders of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

As indicated by Valente, from February 10 to 12, the continental organization will hold the first international meeting of publications of left-wing parties and movements promoted by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

The Brazilian activist also indicated that the next meeting of the working group of the continental organization will take place in the Colombian city of Bogotá.

The Sao Paulo Forum is a Latin American political platform made up of left and center-left parties and forces in the region.