Russian reservists: Putin orders a partial mobilization in Russia to face the counteroffensive in Ukraine | International


Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the step and announced on Wednesday a partial mobilization to deal with the war in Ukraine. Putin has addressed the nation for the first time since he announced the offensive on Ukraine, on February 24, to admit a new turn in what he then described as a special military operation. Seven months later, and forced by the setbacks suffered at the hands of the Ukrainian troops, he has decreed the unpopular mobilization.

“The liberation of the entire territory of Donbas remains the unmovable objective of the operation,” said the Russian president in his speech, who once again referred to that region as “the historical territory of Novorossiya [nueva Rusia]”. The president has also ordered to equalize the status of the paramilitary groups that support his military campaign with that of the soldiers of the Russian armed forces.

“Only the citizens of the reserve will be subject to the call for partial mobilization,” Putin specified. The Russian president has already signed the decree and has promised that the reservists will receive “additional training” before being sent to the front.

The State Duma approved this Tuesday a series of amendments that add the scenarios of mobilization and the state of war to the penal code. The reform will punish with jail cases such as the reservists not responding to their call, or the soldiers refusing to fight or surrendering.

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