Russia will appeal decision on participation of athletes in Paralympics | News

The Russian Sports Minister, Oleg Matytsin, reported this Thursday that they will present an official document before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to denounce the restriction established by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) that prohibits the participation of its athletes in the Games Winter Beijing 2022.


Sports bodies sanction Russian and Belarusian athletes

According to the entity, the IPC’s decision-making is influenced by the statements made by committees, teams and athletes, who refused to attend the sporting event if the delegations from Russia and Belarus competed in the winter games, soon to start. on March 4.

In this sense, Matytsin stressed that the measure adopted by the Paralympic authority is considered an unquestionable violation of the rights of athletes, as well as an irrefutable lack of the Olympic Charter.

“It is extremely inadmissible to put in place any kind of sanction with respect to Paralympic athletes who have already arrived for the tournament,” the Russian minister specified.

The sanction came into force, after the statement made on Wednesday by the IPC president, Andrew Parson, who had allowed the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games under the neutral flag and without placing in the medal table. .

“In making our decision yesterday, we were looking at the long-term health and survival of the Paralympic Movement, however, what is clear is that the rapidly escalating situation has put us in a unique and impossible position so close to the start of the Games,” Parson argued.

Appeals against FIFA and UEFA sanctions

On the other hand, the Russian Football Union (RFU) announced that it would present a claim letter to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the European Cup (UEFA), after both authorities suspended participation indefinitely. of its athletes in international competitions.

“As part of a single lawsuit against two organizations, the reinstatement of all Russian men’s and women’s national teams in all types of football in the tournaments in which they participated, including the qualifying phase for the World Cup of Russia, will be demanded. Qatar 222; as well as compensation for damages,” the entity specified.

Likewise, the Russian Federation warned that in the event of any rejection by FIFA or UEFA of the appeal, it will be necessary to adopt provisional measures in suspension of the decisions of both organizations and of the competitions in which their clubs would participate.