Russia requests an urgent meeting at the UN Security Council | News


Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Dmitri Polianski, asked this Sunday to the Security Council of the multilateral organization an urgent meeting for next April 4 as a result of the provocations of the Ukrainian forces in Bucha City.


Russia denies alleged killings of civilians in Bucha, kyiv

According to Polianski, the Russian Federation will denounce the Ukrainian radicals and their Western protectors after the published images showing civilian corpses in the streets of Bucha, a region near kyiv; which was described by the Moscow Ministry of Defense as a staging by European media.

It should be noted that the photographs were accompanied by statements by the advisor to the office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podoliak, who stressed that the premises, allegedly shot at by Russian soldiers, were unarmed.

In this sense, the Defense portfolio specified that during the takeover of the Russian Armed Forces no local resident was registered as a victim of violent actions, it also pointed out that Moscow guaranteed the free departure of Bucha residents heading north, even to Belarus.

β€œIt is particularly worrying that all the bodies of the people whose images were published by the kyiv regime, after at least four days, do not show rigor mortis, do not have the characteristic stains of corpses, while in the wounds there is uncoagulated blood,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Likewise, the Russian authorities pointed out that the Ukrainian forces on another occasion falsified information about an alleged attack by the Russian Aerospace Forces on a maternity hospital in Mariupol, where they presented videos of injured pregnant women; event denied by the Russian Federation.

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