Russia increases attacks around Kyiv in response to the sinking of its flagship


Russia’s harsh response to the loss of its flagship, the Moscow, in the Black Sea. Russian authorities said on Friday that the number and scope of missile strikes against targets in Kyiv will increase in response to any “terrorist or sabotage” act by Ukraine on Russian soil, and the military already fired Kalibr rockets last night. the outskirts of the capital.

“The number and scale of missile attacks on objects in Kyiv will increase in response to the commission by the nationalist Kyiv regime of any attacks of a terrorist nature or sabotage on Russian territory,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said. , Igor Konashénkov, in his morning military part.

This morning the anti-aircraft sirens were activated in the capital. Two weeks ago, Russian troops withdrew from the Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions.

The Russian response has been to bomb one of the Neptune missile factories, which were used to attack the ‘Moskva’

According to the Defense Ministry, the Russian Armed Forces launched Kalibr missiles from the sea at a military installation on the outskirts of Kyiv. According to Konashénkov, the attack took place against the “Vizar” machine-building plant in Vyshneve, 16 kilometers from the center of the capital, which was “destroyed”. The military spokesman indicated that these workshops produced and repaired long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as anti-ship missiles.

The action came after Russia yesterday accused Ukraine of having carried out at least six air strikes against residential buildings in the village of Klímovo, in the Briansk border region, causing at least eight injuries of varying severity.

But above all it took place after the Russian flagship Moskva was sunk by Neptune missiles in the Black Sea, which the Kremlin has finally acknowledged and dealt a serious blow to Moscow’s plans. The factory bombed by Russia on the outskirts of Kyiv is precisely the manufacturer of the missiles that sank the Russian ship.

One of the buildings destroyed by the Russian attacks


Specifically, the collapse of the Moskva It has deprived Russia of its ship with the greatest fire capacity that it had located in the Black Sea, and constitutes its greatest material loss so far in its military campaign in Ukraine, since its value was estimated at 750 million dollars.

The ship’s armament included 16 Vulkan anti-ship missiles and 64 S-300F anti-aircraft missiles in eight launchers, as well as artillery, torpedoes and depth charges. The Moskva It is also equipped with a Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter.

Russian army seizes Mariupol steel plant

The Russian ministry further said that its forces had also completely taken control of the Illich steel plant in the besieged port city of Mariupol.

Russia had already said on Wednesday that 1,026 soldiers from Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade, including 162 officers, had surrendered near the steel plant.

Mariupol, surrounded by Russian troops for weeks, has seen the fiercest fighting and the most complete destruction since Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

With a length of 186.5 meters, a beam of 20.8 meters and a displacement of 11,490 tons, the ship, which developed a maximum speed of 30 knots, was launched in 1979 and four years later entered service with the Soviet Navy with the name of “Slava” (glory).

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) noted today on its Telegram channel that interceptions of Russian telephone conversations confirm that “Russia itself shot at the village of Klimovo, allegedly, according to the conversation, to “provoke” Ukraine. .

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