Russia Destroys Military Factory Facility in kyiv, Ukraine | News


The Russian Defense Ministry reported this Friday that the Russian Aerospace Forces used precision weapons to destroy the production facilities of the Artiom missile and space technology factory, located in kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.


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Overnight on Thursday, Ukrainian emergency services confirmed the attack on an unspecified facility and that a residential building was hit and its lower floors were damaged.

Local authorities later specified that at least ten people were injured inside the 25-story building, while the media shared photos of the rescue work by firefighters.

Initial reports indicated that the unidentified facility could be the Artiom missile development and production plant. Other media assured that the factory was evacuated and that it had been empty since February.

For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that at least five cruise missiles hit kyiv on Thursday night and accused Moscow of carrying out the attack with the aim of deliberately humiliating the United Nations while his secretary General António Guterres was visiting the Ukrainian capital.

“This says a lot about the true attitude of Russia towards world institutions, about the efforts of Russian leaders to humiliate the UN and everything that the organization stands for,” he said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Russian military entity, Igor Konashénkov, detailed in his daily report of the special military operation that three railway traction substations in Fastov, Krasnossiolka and Polonnoye were destroyed with Kalibr missiles, launched from the sea.

Another group of high-precision missiles hit ten Ukrainian military targets, including nine assembly points for troops and military equipment and an ammunition depot.

The Russian aircraft neutralized 112 military targets, while the missiles destroyed 13 targets, including a crew of the Tochka-U tactical missile system in Nikolayev.

Instead, the artillerymen eliminated 763 concentration points of military personnel and equipment, 21 command posts, 69 fortifications and 107 artillery positions.

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