Russia blames the missile that hit a building in Kiev on Ukraine | News

An anti-aircraft missile from Ukraine hit a residential building in Kiev, according to reports on the ground in the Ukrainian capital, after media and social networks accused that a Russian projectile hit the building.


Russia has disabled 821 military targets in Ukraine

After assessing the damage to the infrastructure, it is found that it was hit by a Ukrainian project, when that country was trying to repel a night attack.

Apparently, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft error was due to a lack of maintenance in military equipment, which has been in service since Soviet times, the RIA Novosti media outlet quoted the source in the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

“While repelling a night missile attack on the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian AFU, the guidance system of the Ukrainian Buk-M1 medium-range surface-to-air missile failed and hit the corner of a residential building,” a Ministry source said. Russian Defense.

In a comment to the Sputnik news agency, he declared that the information spread about an alleged Russian attack on Lobánovski avenue in the Ukrainian capital is not true.

From the Russian Ministry of Defense they repeatedly reiterated that they target only the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and do not carry out attacks on residential areas.

The missile caused damage between floors 17 and 21, the entity said. Shortly after, he explained that six people were injured, adding that a total of 80 neighbors were evacuated from the building.

Russia reports Ukrainian nationalists carrying out attacks on Lugansk

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Ukrainian nationalists carried out an attack with multiple Grad rocket launch systems against populated neighborhoods in the city of Starobilsk, in the Lugansk region, on Saturday.

“As a result, a fire started in the city, there is destruction of residential buildings and deaths among the civilian population,” reads a statement from the Ministry.

In this context, the Russian military indicated that they have data that Ukrainian nationalists have plans to carry out similar acts in Kramatorsk and Slaviansk.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do not attack cities and towns, they take all measures to preserve the lives of civilians,” they reiterated.