Russia accuses NATO of preventing political solution in Ukraine | News


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are doing everything to prevent a political solution to the current conflict between his country and Ukraine.


Russia denies alleged threat of nuclear war

In an interview granted to the Chinese agency Xinhua, Lavrov pointed out that NATO fills Ukraine with weapons under the argument of confronting the Russian military operation in the Donbas region, although in reality the US and the EU are totally indifferent to the Ukraine’s destiny as an independent international actor.

However, Lavrov indicated that the US and its European allies can contribute to the solution of the conflict, but leaving aside some of the points of its policy regarding kyiv.

“First of all, they should come to their senses and stop supplying arms and ammunition to kyiv. The Ukrainian people do not need anti-aircraft or anti-tank missiles, but the resolution of urgent humanitarian problems,” Lavrov stressed.

Some 40 countries met in Germany on Tuesday to coordinate an acceleration of supplies of military equipment claimed by kyiv.

The Russian Foreign Minister urged the West to stop covering for Ukraine, otherwise Washington, Brussels will have to accept responsibility for war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists and mercenaries.

Faced with this situation, Lavrov called on the Ukrainian authorities to put an end to their provocations, including those carried out in the media space.

“Ukrainian units, using civilians as human shields, carry out barbaric bombardments of cities, as they did in Donetsk and Kramatorsk. They make fun of Russian military detainees with animal cruelty, publishing their atrocities on the Internet,” the Russian foreign minister recalled. .

Regarding the dialogues, the Russian diplomat explained that the delegations of Russia and Ukraine carry out the negotiations daily by videoconference. According to Lavrov, among the points of a virtual final agreement should be the neutral, non-nuclear status, demilitarization of Ukraine, as well as security guarantees.

Lavrov stressed that the agenda of the dialogue also includes the issues of denazification of the Ukrainian territory, the lifting of sanctions and the status of the Russian language, among others.

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