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Ruben Cortes.

This president does not usually govern for all his governed, but for his floor of voters, which has been invariably the same since 2006, and is 15 million. But, now, he will please that floor more than ever, with what he has addicted: gifts and social rancor.

Already, after the legislative defeat of the electrical reform (which marked the end of the so-called "Fourth Transformation" at the constitutional level) he began to incite them by filling their neighborhoods with posters with the name and photo of the "traitors" who voted against him.

HIt must be remembered that it is those 15 million voters who maintain the president, at ground level, as the figure around which Mexican politics has revolved since the year 2000, based on street occupations, legislative boycotts, aggressions, blackmail…

Let's review:

–In 2006: he obtained 14 million 756 thousand 350 votes.

–In 2012: it obtained 15 million 848 thousand 827.

–In 2018: he obtained 30 million 113 thousand 483.

–In the 2021 midterms: he obtained 16 million votes.

– Revocation of Mandate 2022: obtained 15 million 159 thousand 323.

That floor, of basically 15 million, grew unexpectedly in the 2018 presidential elections, when 15 million were added from the middle and upper-middle class who, in 2006 and 2012, had considered him "a danger to Mexico."

And, in 2024, already having as it has, all the structures of an authoritarian and autocratic unipersonal power; and with money pouring in, it can grow again with hauls from governors, the Army and other forces: not 15 million, but several more.

Emotionally, the president has already begun to please that floor of voters: since yesterday he has installed "Walls of Ignominia" and clotheslines with the photos and names of the "enemies of the people" in their neighborhoods, so that they can be persecuted and attack where you see them.

Economically, he will give them more money that he is going to take out of the purse of the middle class that pays taxes, and from the harassment of large taxpayers, to whom the SAT announced yesterday a control plan: that is, that the to loot

Because the number of taxpayers on that floor of 15 million voters that the president has is very low. But, its consumption in gifts is very high, since it receives half of the 7 billion pesos of the National Budget.

Here's the thing: the 15 million extra voters who appeared to him in 2018 and had not voted for him in 2006 or in 2012, now support him, with their taxes, the 15 million voters who have never abandoned him and who do not pay any.

For them alone it will govern.

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