Robert Golob wins parliamentary elections in Slovenia | News


Liberal Robert Golob’s Movement for Freedom (GS) defeated conservative Janez Jansa, three times Prime Minister of Slovenia, accused of undermining democratic institutions, in Sunday’s elections.


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With most of the votes counted, the GS, founded last January, stood at 34.5% of the vote compared to 23.6% for Jansa’s Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS).

“Our goal has been achieved: a victory that will allow us to return the country to freedom,” Golob told his jubilant supporters on Sunday night.

When it comes to the distribution of seats, the environmentalist Movement for Freedom party won 40 seats compared to 28 for SDS in the Slovenian parliament, which has a total of 90.

Jansa had previously served as prime minister between 2004-2008, and 2012-2013, but was forced out of power a year into his second term after being accused of a corruption scandal.

Turnout in the vote, in which some 1.7 million people were eligible to cast ballots in the small Alpine country that is a member of the European Union and a NATO military alliance, was 68%, the electoral commission said. .

The Freedom Movement leader needs to find a coalition partner to secure power, but he ended up just three seats short of a majority in parliament.

“There hasn’t been a vote with a turnout like this in 20 years, and that says it all. It tells you that people want change, and people trust us as the only ones who can bring those changes,” Golob said celebrating his victory at the polls.

A native of Gorizia, imbued with the local patriotism of those who live in that particular part of Slovenia, Golob was a long-time president of his district and also led the European territorial cooperation group GECT GO, which promotes cross-border collaboration.

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